2018 with a Greener Heart!

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As part of the Lipor Geração + (Generation Plus) project, 2018 started the best way, with the award of 23 "Green Heart" certificates to schools and other institutions, as a result of all the work carried out pursuing sustainability.

Already in 2018 was also possible to 7 institutions, previously certified to see their "Green Heart" certificates renewed, which clearly shows the dedication that these entities devote to the work in the area of sustainable development. The renewal of certification is undoubtedly the result of the maintenance of good practices acquired and, in many cases, the improvement of its environmental performance over the last two years.

The certification of these entities back in 2017, was a result of the commitment of all (teachers, technicians, employees, students and parents), true "ambassadors of change".

Hopefully, with this example, they can influence behaviours at local and social level.

For those who are distinguished for the first time, this is the first step; for those who renew their certificates, strengthening the good practices in place becomes more and more important each and every day!

This is when the environment truly... wins!

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