Ermesinde City Council heard about local sustainability strategies

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LIPOR GENERATION+ LOCAL project in the city of Ermesinde is an innovative response that will lead to a more sustainable local development. Considering that citizens should decide together with local authorities what they want for their neighborhoods, the first Participatory Workshop in the Parish Council of Ermesinde was held last March 14th.

This workshop was organized by LIPOR in partnership with the Town Council and was attended by 16 participants. Its main objective was to promote the involvement and participation of the citizens of the parish in a reflection on the possibilities and opportunities for improvement of Ermesinde.

The contributions in this event were valuable in identifying strategic areas of action that could make a difference in local development, highlighting waste, energy and mobility, good governance and citizenship, and culture and leisure, as the key themes to be worked.

The next step of the LIPOR GENERATION+ LOCAL project will be to outline the priorities of Ermesinde in relation to the themes selected by the Participants, drawing up an Action Plan aimed at improving sustainability, always promoting the positive contribution of all in a collaborative and creative environment.

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