Institutions of the Associated Municipalities of Lipor presented with the “Coração Verde” (Green Heart)

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During the month of October, in the scope of the GERAÇÃO+ (Generation Plus) project, LIPOR distinguished 46 institutions that demonstrated a better environmental awareness and that effectively adopted more environmentally friendly behaviours, culminating in the attribution of the "Coração Verde” (Green Heart) certificate.
It should be noted that the LIPOR - GENERATION+ project is a program that provides an enabling offer of good practices that support the improvement of the environmental performance of the Institutions and the awareness of environmental impacts in society and the economy. These project is also promoting an optimization of human resources and materials to environmental management processes at these schools and institutions.
In this sense, the recognition of these 46 "Coração Verde” (Green Heart) Institutions, of which 6 have renewed their previous certification, towards Sustainability, translates, in practice, into 4,232 more participative citizens who are in a leverage position to change behaviour and adopt more sustainable habits, thus spreading "good quality" seeds of life for a better Planet!
The challenge GENERATION+ continues, do not stay out of this movement and win a "Coração Verde” (Green Heart), too!
Congratulations to ALL!
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