Food Waste: "Dose Certa"

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The "Dose Certa" Project (Right Portion) is integrated in LIPOR's prevention policy, which aims fundamentally to reduce waste production at its source by changing mentalities.

The goal of this Project is essentially to reduce and combat food waste, by raising awareness and encouraging the population to change their eating habits, focusing on economical, environmental and health issues. It also promotes good practices related to Sustainable Consumption.
This project is currently being developed in Restaurants and one School Canteen, through pilot initiatives. In the future, it may be extended to Families and implemented by other entities and in other areas. It may also be extended to other target groups, such as: mass catering sector (canteens), families and other institutions, as well as other areas.
Did you know that… in the Metropolitan Area of Porto 40% of the MW produced is organic (originating from kitchens and gardens)?
In the last decades, the management, treatment and recovery of Municipal Waste (MW) has become more and more important, because of population growth and the increase in consumption.
An important part of this waste consists of food waste, whether resulting from meal preparation, food storage, bad stock management or end of expiration dates. Another part of food waste consists of processed food that is not eaten, whether it doesn't actually get to be served or it comes back to the kitchen as scraps, when the menus include excessive amounts of food.
This means not only that food in good conditions is thrown away everyday, which results in a waste of money, but also that everyday people commit irresponsible acts that have a negative impact on the environment.

In fact, food waste is a global problem. About 30% of food around the world ends up in the litter bin, whether during harvest and storage, or in the form of food scraps.
To encourage the participants to reduce food waste production and food wastage;
To foster good practices when purchasing food and managing stocks;
To raise awareness and promote a change in environmental and eating habits, towards a healthier and more sustainable behaviour;
To encourage and foster active and voluntary participation;
To become a reference to all sectors involved;
To disseminate this experience in order to promote a potential national and international implementation.

Differentiation factor from our competitors;
Ground-breaking business development with sustainable environmental practices;
Implementation of practices that promote the reduction of waste production, water and energy savings, reasonable shopping and reduction of the carbon footprint;
Free publicity;
Budget optimisation and cost reduction;
Increase in productivity and team encouragement;
Customer loyalty and the possible capture of new customers;
Promotion of awareness/education regarding Sustainability.

APN – Portuguese Association of Nutritionists

Target audience
Restaurants; Mass Catering Sector; Schools (Canteens)
Waste Disposal Sites
Find the nearest place to deposit their waste.