“Composting at Home” Campaign

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"Terra-à-Terra” LIPOR Home Composting project aims to implement the home or community composting in buildings or institutions with garden at LIPOR associated municipalities. Through this project, LIPOR aims to extend the practice of home or community composting, allowing the locally homemade recovery of organic waste, with the added benefit of producing a natural fertilizer. The homemade compost contributes to prevention of organic waste, avoiding the collection and centralized treatment of this waste fraction, reducing like this the environmental and economic impacts associated with the process and improving the quality of life of the affected population. LIPOR 8 associated municipalities (Espinho, Gondomar, Maia, Matosinhos, Porto, Póvoa de Varzim, Valongo and Vila do Conde), will be the "target audience", allowing that 2000 composters will be delivered annually and being used correctly, following the methodology/regulation of "Terra-à-Terra” Project.

The creative concept of the campaign associates a slogan "Composting at home" that transmits the message that is intended to spread with promoting the communication and awareness campaign. Using proximity as a factor of access to the target audience, this slogan perspective since the intention of the project, i.e. to take the practice of composting to the citizen’s homes. In a simple, clear and straightforward manner, "Composting at Home" assumes as an unpretentious and affordable concept, which refers, without margin for doubts, to the purpose of Project Earth to Earth.

Campaign implementation Phases

  • 1st Phase – September/November 2017

  • 2nd Phase – May/June 2017

In this second phase, it stands out the realization of street actions. Based on a script created from root to this effect, an actress will make the presentation/staging of an action aimed at explaining what is composting and what the scope of this project.

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