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2010-2012 Life+ Miniwaste Project was a success!
Did you know that in the scope of Miniwaste Lipor trained more than 11.170 people in home composting and had more than 170.000 visits to Horta da Formiga website? Most of the targets defined for Lipor’s awareness raising and active participation actions were exceeded. The Miniwaste Project ends in 2012, but the biowaste prevention strategy of Lipor was strengthened and will have continuity.

The Life Miniwaste project aims to develop, implement and assess an innovative and sustainable plan that allows the reduction of the organic fraction of Municipal Waste within the member countries.

The project, which will be developed in the course of 3 years (2010 to 2012), involves 5 European Partners: Rennes Metropole (France), Lipor (Portugal), Cemagref (France), Brno (Czech Republic) and ACR+ (Belgium). A committee of experts will follow up and assess the entire project and the implemented actions. Its site is

Within the scope of this project, Lipor will develop actions in order to:

Promote home and community composting;
Get collective entities, like schools, institutions and companies, involved in the reduction of biowaste;
Promote the reduction of food waste: organisation of courses on complete use of food, food preservation and balanced meals;
Raise awareness regarding biowaste prevention and train composting instructors, who will disseminate home and community composting and act voluntarily within the society;
Implement the "Dose Certa" menu in Restaurants and Canteens.

In order to fulfil these goals, Lipor provides information and implements initiatives and projects intended for different target audiences, which give citizens and institutions the possibility to participate in food waste and biowaste reduction through home or community composting. If you want to know more about this, consult the Home Composting menu or the Food Waste menu.


If you're an active citizen who voluntarily promotes and disseminates good practices within the population, your family, neighbours or friends, join us and become a voluntary composting instructor.

Within the scope of Miniwaste, Lipor has managed to:

 Promote besta practices through Lipor's (136), the participation in 74 national or promotion events;
Implement 9,039 composters (including private composters);
Create79 community composting sites;
Train 15,183 people on home composting;
Raise awareness of food waste among 8,712 people;
Get 4 restaurants involved in the "Dose Certa" project;
Monitor and guide almost 3,840 visitors;
Divert from energy recovery 3,361 kg/year of organic waste per composter.

At the moment, Lipor maintains its organic waste prevention strategy. Thus, most of the actions that took place during Miniwaste are maintained. Until 2016*, Lipor achieved:

Implement 11.198  composters (including private composters and wormcomposters);
Train 17.707  people on home composting;
Raise awareness of food waste among;
Get 35 restaurants involved in the "Dose Certa" project;
 Implement the pilot study "Wraps." in partnership with the Municipality of Porto in 15 restaurants in the city;
 8 Documentaries available about home and community composting, organic farming, sustainable gardening and food waste;
Monitor and guide with more than 4.000 visits;
Divert from energy recovery 5.257 ton/year of organic waste.

* Data from Miniwaste project are updated annually.

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