Manuel Laranjeira School Certified for its Jardim ao Natural (Natural Garden)

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On October 11th, Manuel Laranjeira School Group received the "Jardim ao Natural" (Natural Garden) certification, as a result of the implementation of a Lipor project that promotes the sustainability of green areas by adopting good agricultural and environmental practices.

The School, with the support of all the school community, is changing some of the green areas in order to make them more sustainable and more enjoyable for all.

The ceremony of delivery of the Certification plate was held during a pedagogical lunch that the students of the Restaurant/ Bar Degree, served as a training opportunity, and was attended by the Vice President and Councilor of the Division of Education and Youth of the City Council of Espinho, Dr. Vicente Pinto, the Director of Manuel Laranjeira School Group, Dr. Ana Gabriela Moreira, the faculty involved in the project, the representatives of the Parents Association and Lipor.

The City Council of Espinho and Lipor have pledged to offer shrubs and aromatic plants species for suggested changes of the green areas. The school will continue to participate in the Jardim ao Natural project and thus contribute to the sustainability of our Planet.

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