Renewing green areas in Lipor meets Zero Water goal

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The Green Areas 2020 project aims to convert the green areas of lawn at Lipor. Our goal is to reduce maintenance costs and water consumption by creating biodiverse areas.

One of the gardens converted was the "slope" next to the Sorting Plant and Parking lot A.

After a year of implementation, the success of the sustainable gardening techniques used is in full view. We have a vigorous space, with diversity of flora and habitats, promoting local biodiversity, with reduced maintenance and without an irrigation system - ZERO WATERING in 2018.

Before the intervention this area was badly eroded, poor soil and dry. After the intervention of the Green Areas maintenance team, with the installation of the soil, selection of plants, application of the water infiltration ditches, soil cover and respect to natural vegetative succession, creating an abundant, rich, biodiverse and well-adapted to climate changes that are increasingly felt in Portugal.

This area is still evolving and is a live environment, looking better as time goes by!

The Team will start, until the end of the year, the conversion of the Garden of the Sorting Plant with the application of techniques in agroforestry and permaculture. This garden has nowadays a large water consumption and high maintenance costs, with very little biodiversity.

We intend to convert this space into a productive one, with reduced maintenance and reduction of irrigation costs. It will be a space of experimentation more innovative and intelligent, that will at the same time as an awareness example for visitors.

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