Lipor Green Spaces

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The best sustainable gardening practices have been implemented at "Horta da Formiga” since 2002.

"Horta da Formiga” is an experimental and educational site where Lipor develops sustainable gardening practices showing that this is a doable method to sustainably maintain private and public gardens and parks (without the use of dangerous chemicals and other practices that are aggressive to the environment), while reducing costs and increasing biodiversity.

In order to extend this method to all Lipor green spaces we created the Green Spaces 2020 Project. Its implementation will reduce the bio waste production and help Lipor to adapt to climate changes, facing the challenge presented by PERSU 2020 (Solid Waste Strategic Plan).

Project goals

  • Maintain, alter and create sustainable, dynamic and productive green spaces;
  • Design green spaces, not only for its decorative character but also for their function, converting it in dynamic and productive spaces;
  • Improve working space and visitor areas;
  • Contribute to climate changes mitigation and its direct effects on Lipor workers and infrastructures;
  • Be a reference in sustainable maintenance of green spaces, for the application of good gardening practices at a national and international level;
  • Create gardens that reduce the impact of climate changes on buildings and people by preserving heat in the winter and shade in the summer, reduce the speed and change the direction of wind, and protect from rain and hail.
  • Create gardens that reduce air temperature and also serve as carbon sinks
  • Reduce soil impermeability in preparation for storms and floods.


  • 11 conventional gardens converted into sustainable gardens;
  • Reduction of operation costs of the maintenance of green areas (water, electricity, parts and man hours);


  • Work Space Garden converted into sustainable garden with the introduction of the Hugelkultur method (410 m2);
  • Construction of a plant nursery reusing a ship container (320m2);
  • Visitors parking lot Sustainable garden recovery (3000 m2);
  • FUTURO forest trees nursery creation (220 m2);
  • Introduction of sheep and goats flock for vegetation control;


  • Construction of an animal shelter using the super-adobe technic (80m2)
  • Reflection on the conversion of the administrative building garden (3000m2)
  • Conversion of "Parque Aventura” slope garden;
  • Conversion of the Composting facility garden into a sustainable orchard;


  • Sorting Plant garden conversion into an edible garden;
  • Highway (A4) garden conversion;
  • Composting Plant front garden conversion;


  • "Parque Aventura” conversion;
  • Landfill green space conversion (Maia);

2019 /2020

  • Horta da Formiga re-conversion.

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