Natural garden

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Goal is to expand the concept of organic farming, on the 8 municipalities of Lipor, to all green area, awarding every citizen to the need of sustainable gardening.

"Jardim ao Natural" project aims to increase the area of organic farming within the 8 Associated Municipalities and raise awareness of a sustainable garden maintenance. It is intended for citizens and institutions, who can commit to adopt the following good practices:

  • sustainably manage all green areas;
  • recycle organic waste;
  • use compost or organic fertilizers;
  • No use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers;
  • contribute to the balance of ecosystems and show respect for all living organisms;
  • Avoid using non-renewable resources;
  • Promote biodiversity, soil fertility and the health of your garden.

You're also reducing the need for maintenance, water consumption, emissions and contamination through pesticides and toxic chemical fertilizers. With our tips you can implement more sustainable practices in your green space! For a healthy garden and kitchen garden... you just need to change your attitude!

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