AICEP and ALGAVALOR Consortium sign an agreement for an exploration of the value of microalgae

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On February 28, the agreement between AICEP and the ALGAVALOR Consortium was signed. Lipor is a partner of this Consortium and was represented by Fernando Leite. The Secretary of State for Internationalization and the Minister of Economy of the Portuguese Republic were also present.

This is a project with a very diverse scope, which is grounded on the creation of new products based on microalgae. In fact, the ALGAVALOR project has as general objective an integrated production of microalgae and a valorization of its biomass and extracts in different applications. The development and launch of new products in the markets of human food and superfoods, animal nutrition, cosmetics and biofertilizers are being studied.

This project has more than 20 co-promoters and partners, working in different areas.

This is a project that undoubtedly will contribute to the decarbonization of Portuguese economy and will have a multisectoral impact, nationally and internationally, on the various areas to be developed.

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