Earthworms producing food. Noocity Composter - Self-Fertilizing System tested at Lipor

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Taking advantage of Lipor’s know-how on home composting and worm composting techniques we supported Noocity project to create a "self-fertilizing" grow bed, a hybrid between a Noocity grow bed and a worm composter.

The prototype was tested at Horta da Formiga, in Lipor, with very interesting results.

Using Noocity grow beds it was possible to create this combined flower box which allows automatic fertilization through the worm composting process.

The experiment was a success as the plants placed in the grow bed grew only with organic residues that were transformed by earthworms into a natural, and very nutritious, fertilizer.

This system mimics natural ecosystems, turning organic matter into nutrients, while taking full advantage of space and allowing nutrient circulation between the organic waste and the plants. Food scraps were transformed into compost that will feed the new growing plants, closing the cycle as in nature.

This is a new way of growing your own food with your food scraps: what we have here is the concept of Circular Economy applied in practice.

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