Lipor R&D studies – Researching waste for its best valorization

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Urban solid waste is by nature subject to great variability on appearance, quantity and quality. Getting to know more about the different waste flows that Lipor manages and treats we must focus on searching for the characteristics of the materials, but also on the reasons why it is being generated. To answer this questions Lipor has invested on Research and Development studies that allows waste valorization by the most sustainable solution and will give us the knowledge to reach the recovery of 100% of waste.

From organic waste to slag from municipal waste incineration we want to find the best solutions for each of the different materials. Lipor R&D studies are exploring areas such as efficient energy use, life cycle evaluation of its operations and products, the recovery of slag in different products and containers and composters sensing through innovative technologies.

Although some of the studies are developed in house, we have the support of several higher education institutions that together with Lipor are asking the questions that, after being answered, will allow us to build the future today.

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