LIPOR integrates TAIEX-EIR Peer 2 Peer Program in Greece

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LIPOR was one of the invited entities for the workshop organized by the TAIEX-EIR Peer 2 Peer, a program launched by the European Commission to facilitate learning and knowledge sharing among the environmental authorities of the EU Member States.

The event, organized by DG Environment, European Commission, and the Ministry of Environment and Energy of Greece, was held in Athens on 12 and 13 June and was attended by around 70 participants from more than 20 Greek municipalities and associations of municipalities, as well as representatives of the Greek Government.

The main goals of this workshop were supporting Greek cities and municipalities in the transition to a circular economy and more sustainable management of urban waste, focusing on waste prevention, effectively targeting selective collection and quality recycling, encouraging the diversion of landfill. The workshop gathered specialists from several cities and regions like Italy (Parma, Contarina, Province of Bari and Sardinia), Slovenia (SNAGA), Spain (Catalonian Waste Agency) and Portugal (LIPOR), as well as local representatives.

LIPOR, represented by Susana Freitas (Environmental Education and Training Unit) and Susana Lopes (International Business Unit), integrated the panels of specialists dedicated to the Selective Collection of Urban Waste and Selective Collection and Treatment of Bio Waste.

The multiple ongoing projects were shared, sharing the criteria that were at the genesis of its implementation (technical, economic and behavioral aspects), the associated challenges and the results achieved, supported by a strategy committed to the Circular Economy, value creation, innovation and the involvement of policy makers and citizens.

The sharing of knowledge, of undeniable technical value, complemented by practical cases of success, and its relevance to the Greek reality, were a constant throughout the two intense days of lectures, constructive discussion and very fruitful cooperation among all the participants.

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