LIPOR joined the Circular Economy Virtuous Circles Tour

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The "Virtuous Circles Economy Tour" was held in Lisbon on May 2 and 3. The event, organized by the European Commission, brought together national and international experts to discuss and reflect on the Circular Economy and how Member States, specially Portugal, are making this transition through innovative and mobilizing initiatives of the society.
Lipor, in the person of its Managing Director, Fernando Leite, was invited to participate in the "Separate Collection, Biowaste and Nutrient Cycling" panel, and shared with the assistance the bio-waste valorisation strategy, based on a circularity approach, involvement of the citizens and value creation.
Previously, on 8 and 9 April, Susana Lopes represented LIPOR at the Virtuous Circle Tour - First Circular Economy Forum, which took place in Athens, Greece. The invitation of the European Commission to the panel "Separate Collection and the Biowaste Challenge" reflects the recognition of the path followed by Lipor in the implementation of an integrated waste management model and the cooperation with its associated municipalities.
The presentation focused on the bio-waste valorisation strategy, the importance of the implementation of the selective collection, the composting process and the promotion of the use of compost as a positive factor for the national soils. The event, attended by around 300 participants and a large number of speakers, was an important moment for exchanging experiences and networking.

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