Lipor present in the 27th Edition of EUBCE

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Organized annually in different countries, the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) is one of the most important global events in the biomass sector, being recognized its role on promoting and disseminating innovation and scientific research in areas such as biomass, biomaterials and biofuels.

The event was held at the Lisbon Congress Center from May 27 to 31, attracting participants from different countries and with a wide range of interests.

On May 29th, LIPOR participated in the session "Biobridges and Biovoices projects, Biomass & Farms - Agricultural and forestry biomass as an innovation boost for small scale farms", with the lecture "Introducing small farms into sustainable circular value chains: The experience of LIPOR ". It was a moment to share with the assistance, the organic valorisation strategy developed by Lipor, highlighting the composting process, the operational and environmental control carried out and the quality of the compost produced. Considering the scope of the session, the importance of Nutrimais for national agricultural soils, its contribution to a Circular Economy Strategy and the fight against climate change were also addressed.

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