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Prémio Excelência no Trabalho (Excellence at Work Award), Industry and Energy sector, Medium Business;
Prémio Europeu de Iniciativa Empresarial (European Corporate Initiative Award) (national phase), Responsible and Inclusive
Corporate Initiative category for the project "Horta à Porta".
3rd place at CR Reporting Awards 2011, Small and Medium Business category
Energy Efficiency Awards, Efficient Company category
Honourable Mention at Prémio BES Biodiversidade (BES Biodiversity Award)
Honourable Mention at Prémio para Equipas de Melhoria (Improvement Teams Award) (Kaizen)
Prémio Novo Norte (New North Award), Inclusive North category for the project "Horta à Porta"
Honourable Mention at European Business Awards for the Environment – Innovation for Sustainability Award, Management category, European Commission and APA (Sustainability Report);

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