8 Tons of recyclable waste collected during “NOS PRIMAVERA SOUND 2014”

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The partnership between Lipor and Porto Municipality, to the promotion of the correct separation of the waste produced during the event "NOS PRIMAVERA SOUND 2014”, which ran from 5 to 7 June in Porto, resulted in the collection of 8 tons of recyclable materials, with the following distribution by material:

The 8 tons of waste sent for recycling accounted for 38% of total waste generated at the event, demonstrating an increasing public awareness of environmental issues, even in playful situations.

This result was only possible thanks to the joint action of Lipor and Porto Municipality that guaranteed the placing of containers for multimaterial separation in the space, the selective collection of the material and the training of personnel of the existing catering services, thus promoting good environmental practices to the public, a key element for the success of the initiative.

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