LIPOR promotes recycling at NOVA ERA-EDP BEACH PARTY 2014

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For the third consecutive yearLiporwas present at NOVA ERA-EDPBEACH PARTY2014dedicated toelectronicmusicwhichtook placethis year,onJuly5at the "Aterro” beachinMatosinhos.

Withthe aim of promotingtherecovery and recyclingof the wasteproducedat the event,Lipor movedthe elementsofstaffinvolvedin the organizationand bars andcatering services staffexistingin the space.Alsoprovidedthe means(bags and containers)for sortingofpaper and paperboard;metal,plastic packaging, ECALand glass.

In spiteof the nighthave beenquiterainy,resultinginless publicthan whatwould be expected,especiallyat the endof the night,wherebad weatherhas intensified, it was possible tocollect1tonof waste,of which27%were forwardfor recycling.

Althoughthe weather conditionswere notthe most favorable,the balanceof this partnership betweenLIPOR,theOrganization of the eventandtheMunicipality of Matosinhoswas very positive, notingtheawareness-raisingaspectof the thousandsof people presentin this edition.

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