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27 of November of 2019

LIPOR presents its “B” Side at an event at the Porto Botanical Garden

We are all familiarized with Lipor "A" Side. It takes care of of the environment treating with the best available technologies and promoting recycling and composting about 500,000 tons of municipal waste per year, developing innovative waste management solutions.

Now its time to meet the "B”. The Biodiversity side.

The Biodiversity Gallery of Porto Botanical Garden hosted the presentation of the Lipor Biodiversity Strategy that integrates two intertwined components: the Application and the Awareness Components, with several projects that promote the protection and enhancement of Biodiversity, as well as a Research and Development Component which relates to characterization/ diagnosis studies and recovery projects.

To inspire all participants the afternoon started with a guided tour of the gardens, showing the existing species, as well as some of the best practices implemented on the gardens.

The event aimed to bring LIPOR Stakeholders together as well as the whole Community. Professor Paulo Farinha Marques, from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, gave a lecture where he explained all the work that has been done in the recovery, preservation and regeneration of ecosystems in the Adventure Park and the Ecological Trail of LIPOR. He also unveiled some of the next interventions, specially at the river Tinto.

During this event a methodological booklet "Assessing the impact of infrastructure construction on biodiversity" was launched, which presents a set of criteria and requirements that will assist in the decision-making in the construction of new infrastructures, taking into account the habitat and biodiversity of the designated site, complementing the Environmental Impact Assessment study.

The Guide to Sustainable Forest Maintenance Practices was also presented compiling a set of techniques implemented under the Square Meter Program as an excellent way of replicating the great work that has been done.

We are very happy to invite the community to visit and enjoy the Adventure Park and to walk the LIPOR Ecological Trail, in order to get in closer contact with the biodiversity and the projects that are already implemented.

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