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30 of January of 2019

Portuguese Waste Sector in Mission to Tunisia

A Business Mission of waste management sector Portugal – Tunisia was held from 20th to 24th this month.

The mission was supported by the Portuguese Ministry of the Environment and Energy Transition and the presence of the Portuguese Secretary of State for the Environment, Eng. Carlos Martins, who accompanied the delegation and the work.

The sector was represented by Aquapor / Luságua, AVE - Environmental Management and Energy Enhancement, EFACEC, ERP (European Recycling Plattform) Portugal, GHofle, Iperforma, LIPOR, LQA - Environment, Foresight, Secil and UrbanDNA.

11 companies, with a total of 17 participants, presented the technical capacities and skills of the portuguese business community, representing the waste sector, with the aim of stimulating business development in Tunisia.

The Mission Program included participation in the Tunisian-Portuguese Environment Economic Forum, which was attended by 300 participants, promoted at the facilities of UTICA - Tunisian Union of Industry, Commerce and Handicraft, where His Excellency Mr. Mokhtar Hammami, Minister for Local Affairs and Environment of Tunisia, the Tunisian Secretary of State for the Environment and senior officials of Tunisian public and private reference entities, attended.

Technical visits to wastewater treatment and waste management infrastructures, meetings and visits to Tunes and Ariana Municipal Councils and important working sessions were held at the Tunisian Ministry of the Environment, where the relationship between Portugal and Tunisia was strengthened with the signing of a Protocol to reinforce and develop the Environmental Education axis in schools, considering Portuguese experience.

It should be noted that the Portuguese Embassy in Tunis was highly involved and committed, and it mobilized the key entities and personalities, a factor that dictated the success of the organization and the interface between Portuguese and Tunisian entities.

The Mission's review, coordinated by LIPOR, was very positive, having already defined a set of continuity activities to achieve the identified opportunities.

Mission goals:

To stimulate business development in Tunisia, the Business Mission of companies from the waste sector in Portugal to Tunisia had as main goals:

1. Demonstrate the technical skills and competences of the Portuguese business community representing the waste sector.

2. Facilitate access to business opportunities and cooperation, through diplomacy, facilitating access to information, the Tunisian key channels and contacts, promoting Portugal, the sector and the represented entities;

3. To know projects that the Government of Tunisia will launch in the waste sector (collection and treatment);

4. Promote the entry of Portuguese entities into the Tunisian Market, either through integration in international consortiums to respond to Projects, business development, through the execution of Memorandum of Understanding / Cooperation (MoU) and / or use of financing funds in force.


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