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13 of March of 2019

Thank you for your effort and commitment to recycling!

In 2018, the amount of materials separated and sent for recycling in the Ecopoints, Drop-off sites and Selective Collection Areas was 66,339 tons (+ 9.40% relative to 2017).

The citizens of Lipor intervention area separated 13,144 tons of plastics and metals, 16,692 tons of paper and cardboard, 19,184 tons of glass and 17,319 tons of other materials *.

The recycling of all these materials made it possible to avoid the emission of 36,826 tons of CO2 eq.

These numbers are the result of the strong investment and the commitment that LIPOR and the Associated Municipalities have been developing, in order to increase and maximize the amount of materials sent to recycling.

The citizens of the 8 Municipalities of LIPOR have at their disposal a complete system of infrastructures, equipment and services for the selective deposition of the waste, namely Drop-off sites, Ecopoints and door-to-door selective collection areas.

This set of infrastructures is further complemented by a set of special collection services and by the Sorting Plant and Support Sorting Platforms, where materials separated by citizens undergo further detailed sorting and are afterwards sent to the recycling industries.

Together we have created an unstoppable movement! A small gesture. A great attitude!

* Non-Metallic Bulk Waste + Wood + WEEE + Batteries + Lamps + Ink Cartridges and Toners + Used Oils

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