Girl Move Academy "Changing the World"

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Lipor is envolved, once again, in a Trasforming Project - Girl Move!
"Life Experiences 2018" is an Advanced Leadership Program for Service and Social Entrepreneurship, of the GIRL MOVE Academy, which welcomes young Girl Movers in Portuguese reference companies, in order to broaden horizons, learn and experience other realities at all levels of the human person with the goal of "Knowing the World to be able to transform it".

In the third and final stage of Change - The GIRL MOVE has the opportunity to apply for a Life Advanced Internship in one of several companies that are part of the Movement for Life.

The goal is for the Girl Mover to gain the tools to return to her country the best version of herself, more professionally competent, with widen horizons and a clear vision of the future.

LIPOR receives a Girl MOVE, providing a "Life Experience" in which we will combine the characteristics of our Girl MOVE and her profile, as well as the components of the Program itself, with the basic values ​​of our Organization, to give her an experience that will be usefull for her future work back in her country.

Learn more about the project Girl Move
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