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The purpose of the 2M Strategy is to implement internal measures to reduce emissions, including the establishment of quantitative goals and monitoring of their fulfilment. In addition, Lipor will use compensation instruments for the inevitable emissions, giving priority to actions that will potentially raise public awareness.

In this context, Lipor has established quantitative goals for emissions reduction, based on the results of 2006: a reduction of 12% by 2012; 16% by 2016; 20% by 2020.
Lipor 2M commitment to reduce emissions: targets per capita 
Lipor has been implementing measures for the reduction of emissions, such as:

 Project for the use of biodiesel and natural gas in Lipor's fleet, which will also be implemented in municipal fleets in the future

 Energetic efficiency measures within Lipor's facilities: maximum use of natural light in the sorting plant; rationalisation of exterior lighting and interior lighting in the administration building; installation of energetically efficient air conditioning and lighting equipments

 Implementation of renewable energies in the buildings: thermal solar panels to produce hot water for the changing rooms of the sorting plant and the social building

 Installation of biogas capture and energy recovery systems in the landfills of Ermesinde and Matosinhos

 Requirement of a cap-and-trade system for the construction and operation of the new landfill of Póvoa de Varzim (IGEM - Methane Emissions Management Incentive).

Lipor has also implemented a compensation policy for the emissions that cannot be avoided, specially those associated with complementary activities with high external visibility, which increases the possibility to raise awareness amongst wide audiences.

To reduce CO2e emissions, in comparison to 2006:

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