Area 3-Mobilization

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Area 3 - Mobilisation 
The Lipor 2M Strategy also aims to implement initiatives that promote emissions reduction outside Lipor, whether by developing projects in cooperation with partners, or by developing information and awareness actions about the positive effects of sustainable waste management options on climate.

The success of this strategy depends on the participation of citizens who belong to Lipor's area of intervention: different attitudes towards waste prevention and sorting result in different carbon emission levels and different impacts on climate.
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A citizen that doesn't sort his waste (Attitude A) makes its multi-material and/or organic recovery impossible. Waste is sent to energy recovery (incineration) facilities and disposed of in a landfill, which increases carbon emissions. If all citizens adopted this attitude, Lipor couldn't fulfil its goals and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission would increase, in comparison to the current levels.

A citizen that sorts his waste and uses selective collection circuits, such as eco-containers and drop-off sites, at the current rate (Attitude B) reduces the use of incineration and landfill disposal solutions and, consequently, the level of carbon emissions associated with these activities. If all citizens adopted this attitude, GHG emissions would be reduced, but it wouldn't be enough to fulfil Lipor's reduction goals.

A citizen who commits himself to waste prevention and reuse and, simultaneously, increases the recyclable waste separation rate (Attitude C) significantly reduces carbon emissions associated with MSW management, as he further reduces the need to use waste management options with a higher level of emissions (landfill disposal and incineration). If all citizens adopted this attitude, Lipor would be able not only to fulfil, but to exceed its GHG emissions reduction targets.

The 2M Strategy is reinforced by the change of behaviours towards waste prevention and separation (Attitude C).

Lipor has been developing information and awareness actions, in order to promote waste prevention, recycling and organic recovery.


To inform, raise awareness and mobilise partners and citizens to adopt behaviours that will allow the reduction of carbon emissions associated with waste management.

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