Process Description

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Environmental control and protection – waterproofing and monitoring
The Landfill of Maia has several geocomposite drainage layers. so that it is leak-free and soils and aquifers are protected against any possible accidental leachate migration.

This infrastructure benefits from the integration within the banks of Leça river and was designed according to strict environmental control and protection parameters, including a rigorous monitoring programme.

Based on the control and analysis of water resources, by monitoring the surrounding superficial and underground waters, this programme also includes the control of the (solid) waste received, leachates, biogas and other environmental parameters, in order to ensure the quality of the whole process and reduce the possible negative impact on the environment and public health.
Leachate treatment
After resting in a stabilisation pond with a 2,600 m3 capacity, leachates go through a biological treatment of nitrification-denitrification, which results in formation of nitrogen and organic load reduction. Afterwards a ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis process removes the organic load, mineral salts and heavy metals, producing an effluent that can be used to water the surrounding green spaces.
Biogas Treatment

The degradation of deposited and covered waste  in alveoli produces biogas, which in its composition contains methane, which makes its burns. In this way, was installed a biogas burner which allows to eliminate the harmful elements into the atmosphere.
Waste Disposal Sites
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