Research, Development and Innovation

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Lipor has an innovation strategy and policy that are being implemented by the R&D unit along with all the organization departments. 
The policy is based on process methodology and there is a Balanced Score Card dedicated to Innovation.

To think in a creative way, to approach situations from different perspectives, to find new effective solutions for different issues, to redesign processes, to face new challenges in a creative way and to change standards, are the way to achieve organisational success.
In this sense, LIPOR stayed focused on its sustainable management strategy, resulting in the development of several projects within the Environment, Energy, Social Accountability, Prevention, Environmental Education and Awareness Areas. LIPOR naturally approaches Innovation in the long term, which allows for the consolidation of its relationship with Stakeholders and the achievement of more consistent results.

R&D and Innovation at LIPOR

Innovation Strategy: what for?
Innovation is a strategic issue at LIPOR and we believe i tis the way to create added value in the organization. A daily and structured process of innovation at Lipor aims to:
implement innovative waste management solutions, promoting a circular approach and the creation of shared value. (Lipor’ s Mission)

The importance of certification
Lipor is certified by the innovation standard NP4457. This allows us to grow in a consistent way and the expand the innovation culture in the organization.
We use the Innovation Scoring as a tool of self-evaluation and growth. This tool helps us to think and act to improve every year in order to add more value in the organization.

Innovation is strategic for us. We invest in R&D and innovation of new products aiming to add value in our business.
To promote circular economy is our responsibility. We are investing in 3 priority themes – slag valorisation, products for agriculture and purity of materials. 


We promote and implement projects in partnership, creating synergies with over 40 partners.

We were involved in H2020 projects, InterREG, Life+, POCTEP, POSEUR and FCT.

The projects include different themes like Equipment development and waste deposition systems (national patentee Nº 106819 - Paulo Rodrigues), Creation of a National waste cluster (Smartwaste Portugal), Biodiversity, Sustainable gardening, Thermoelectric generators with nanotechnology, Life cycle analysis, Waste observatory with on time information, development of a fidelity card, waste secondary products optimization, worker’s safety program, energy recovery, dedicated waste separate collection, Waste prevention measurement.

Waste Disposal Sites
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