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Energy Recovery Plant
In the Energy Recovery Plant, in Maia, takes place the recovery of waste that cannot be composted or recycled and its transformation into electric energy.

With two treatment lines in a continuous and almost automatic operation, the Plant can treat 380,000 tons of waste per year. It treats about 1,100 tons of waste per day and produces about 170,000 MWh of electric energy per year, 90% of which are supplied to the public grid to provide energy to 150,000 inhabitants.
Plant's Capacity

380,000 Tons of waste/year (for a NCV of 7,700 hj/kg)

 Energy production:
25 MWh

 Process Line:
Collection Vehicle Reception:
Scale with automatic weighting device;
 Solid Waste reception pit:
18.000 m3

Discharge pit in a closed depressurised building;

 Treatment Lines Feeding:
Crane bridges with claws for treatment line feeding;

Combustion grids in a 26o angle;
Slag extractors;
Vibrating conveyor belts;
Magnetic sorters 
Refuse pits (slag and iron scrap)

 Gas Treatment:
Sleeve filters;
Chimney 68 m high;

 Control Room:
Control panels for the crane bridges;
Internal surveillance system;
Informatic sistem to control the process;
Synoptic panels
Waste Disposal Sites
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