Environmental Monitoring

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Sorting Plant

Environmental Monitoring

The main goal of the Environmental Monitoring Plan is to follow up and assess the effects of the operation of Lipor's Sorting Plant on the surrounding environment. This plan includes monitoring of water resources quality, gas emissions, waste water quality, environmental noise, among others.
It also defines responsibilities and operational practices for the prevention and control of oil, chemical and wash water spill from the Sorting Plant.

Hygiene and Safety Monitoring
During the implementation of the safety, hygiene and health management system, we've assessed the risks linked to the different activities that take place at Lipor, and defined several actions in order to minimize the risk of accidents, not only for Lipor's employees, but also the citizens that visit us and the entities that operate within our facilities.

Like the quality and environmental management system, our safety, hygiene and health system also includes several monitoring activities, such as: Assessment of inner air quality, operating noise levels, lighting conditions, etc.

Bearing in mind the nature of our operations and the high possibility of combustion of the collected material (paper, plastic, etc.), we've implemented an Emergency Response Plan in the Sorting Plant.

This Plan was widely divulged amongst all of Lipor's employees, so that they all know what is expected of them in an emergency situation. Training with firefighter teams and the "Brigada de Minas e Armadilhas" (bomb disposal unit of the Portuguese Police Force) is an example that shows how important it is for us to train our employees, so that they can properly deal with unexpected events.
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