Lipor awarded on " European Week for Waste Reduction"

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The 10th edition of the LIFE Environment Awards distinguished Lipor with the "Best LIFE Environment" Award, in the project " European Week for Waste Reduction", developed in partnership with the regions of Brussels, Paris and Barcelona.

The prize, awarded by the European Union, has selected 25 projects for its importance and impact, considering the "Best of the Best Projects 2013", of which Lipor is a partner, as one of the six who received the designation of excellence of the program "LIFE +" Environment.

The winners were chosen on the basis of a set of criteria, in particular, the contribution with projects of short and long environmental term, economic and social improvements, degree of innovation, relevance to European policy and its cost-effectiveness.

The "Life Environment" magazine announced the winners of the "Best LIFE Projects Environment 2013", with the goal of helping to improve the dissemination of projects and their results, which have a broadly positive impact on the environment and life in society, in the international arena.

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