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18 of July of 2019

Embrulha. Project prevents over 9.50 t of food to be wasted in Matosinhos and Porto!

LIPOR, in partnership with the Municipality of Matosinhos and Porto, continues to expand Embrulha. (Wrap It), a project aimed at restaurants and their customers, in order to reduce the food fraction in the municipal waste produced in these municipalities.

During the first semester of 2019, 25 800 ecological packages were distributed to the leftovers of customers from 72 restaurants in the city of Matosinhos and Porto. By involving employees and customers, 9.58 t of food was prevented from going to the dustbin and 2.01 t of CO2 equivalent emissions avoided.

The project has shown that making available and disseminating free packaging for leftovers is a simple and effective way to help minimize one of the biggest problems facing humanity today – food waste.

The Embrulha. (Wrap It) project is part of the Lipor Prevention strategy, particularly in the reduction of bio-waste production. Thus, considering the relevance that Prevention assumes in waste management, LIPOR, in the context of its Integrated Waste Management and associated with its Circular Economy model, develops three fundamental aims: the alteration of processes for waste disposal in production, the reduction of waste at source boosted by mentality changes and the reuse of products as a way of saving (in environmental and economic terms).

Making leftovers packaging available and informing customers of this option is a simple way to reduce food waste and change behaviors and attitudes!

If you don’t eat it, Wrap It!

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