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10 of December of 2018

LIPOR delivered the result of the 13th phase of Operation Tampinhas "A Gesture. Two Causes.”

LIPOR promoted today, on December 10, the Event of delivery of the Donations resulting from the 13th phase of Operation Tampinhas (bottle caps).

At this stage of LIPOR Tampinhas Operation, which took place between January and December 2017, a total of around 46 tonnes of bottle caps were accumulated, giving a total of around 24,400.00 euros in revenue, with 50 entities (individual/ collective) benefited.

In fact, the proceeds from the sale of the caps fully reverts in favour of the purchase of orthopaedic and similar equipment for donation to institutions and individuals in need.

This initiative started in April 2006 and in the total of the 13 phases we have already supported 524 Entities and/ or Individuals with more than half a million euros in equipment.

Through Operation Tampinhas, LIPOR and its associated municipalities encouraged Civil Society to separate plastic caps and deliver them separately to LIPOR or of its associated municipalities as well as other Public and Private Institutions in the Region.

The beneficiaries (whether Institutions or individuals) were selected based on the analysis of the applications and needs that arrived during the period during which the 13th phase took place and based on the criteria set out in the Rules of Application of the Operation Tampinhas.

These results are the outcome of the will of schools, municipalities, anonymous citizens and companies, among many others, who, through a small gesture, promote two causes: the environment and solidarity.

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