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9 of January of 2019

Lipor Energy Efficiency Program culminates with certification according to ISO 50001

Organizations have to, more and more, increase their efficiency to cope with competition. Reducing costs with the energy bill allows the investments of organizations to go where they really are needed, allowing a better price for products and services and to improve its quality.

During 2014, LIPOR implemented an Energy Management system, according to the ISO 50001 Standard, in all Lipor activities in the Baguim do Monte/ Ermesinde Area.

Based on the continuous improvement cycle - Planning, Doing, Controlling - ISO 50001 specifies the most important requirements for identifying, controlling and monitoring significant energy uses of an organization, as well as managing and improving the entire management system. With the implementation of the Standard Framework, new verification points were introduced, which helped to systematize and integrate energy-related issues on a daily basis.

In 2017, and with all the procedures in place, LIPOR advanced to the certification, according to the ISO 50001 Standard, with APCER. In June 2018, the second phase of the Audit was conducted, resulting in 0 (zero) Non-Conformities and the identification of only 2 (two) Sensitive Areas.

The monitoring and implementation of energy control systems allowed a better knowledge of the way energy is consumed and its associated costs, getting a global view of the energy situation of each of the processes. This knowledge of the energy on-time consumption of the organization allows to verify how energy is being used and processes and equipment that are wasting energy.

In fact, it makes no sense to invest resources in the study and design of a given energy recovery system if, at the end, the energy is not being used properly. In this context, the commitment to improving LIPOR's energy performance translates into improving the Organization's competitiveness and, consequently, improving its environmental performance.

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