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17 of June of 2019

New Drop-off Site and Transfer Station of Póvoa de Varzim opened

The President of the Board of Directors of LIPOR and Mayor of Póvoa de Varzim, Aires Pereira, inaugurated last Saturday afternoon, June 15th, the new Drop-off Site and Transfer Station of Póvoa de Varzim in Laúndos.

Besides the municipal executive, Fernando Leite, Managing Director of LIPOR, and Quirino Jesus, City Councilor of Espinho attended the opening session.

Aires Pereira conveyed that the day marked "a new stage in the life of Póvoa de Varzim and our commitment to the collection, management and transformation of waste, contributing to fulfill the environmental goals that we all have an obligation to achieve in order to have a more sustainable planet."

The President explained that "with the new transfer station, waste trucks no longer have to go to LIPOR I or II to dispose the waste daily at night. They will deliver it here and then will be forwarded to the different systems. We'll have less transportation, fewer trucks on the street, less waste of time and less costs."

The mayor said that the Drop-off Site will start working on July 1st, adding that "we have invested 1.5 million euros in a land that has 60 hectares owned by LIPOR." The new equipment occupies 10 hectares and the remaining 50 are intended to an environment start-ups incubator”.

The President also revealed that "in May LIPOR has already reached the national targets set in terms of our responsibility, that is, of the 50 kg per inhabitant with regard to collection, reaching 53 kg."

Regarding these figures, Aires Pereira left a thank you word to the citizens who are participating in the sorting projects, highlighting the importance of "sustainability of our planet and the circular economy, that is, we have the capacity to reuse everything and depend less and less of raw materials. This is an obligation and must be a commitment of each and every one."

The President recalled that LIPOR is a reference company in the waste sector, and already manages 12% of national waste: "we are the largest public company in the country to manage waste", adding that it is "an example for the country and for Europe".

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