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11 of December of 2018

Recyclable Collection machine is this year’s Christmas gift to the Municipal Market of Póvoa de Varzim

"Recycling to win" is the motto of an innovative project developed by Lipor and tested in Póvoa de Varzim, which aims to promote the separation of waste by citizens, increasing the levels of selective collection and recycling of packaging waste.

Thus, the Municipal Market has, since last Saturday, December 8th, a machine to collect recyclable waste, giving, in exchange a voucher you can redeem into points. This is a direct valorisation of your waste.

The City Councillor of Póvoa de Varzim Municipality, Sílvia Costa, inaugurated the machine and explained its operation to everyone that attended this opening ceremony.

Every time you deliver recyclables, you get a voucher with points, depending on the material you deliver.

Here you have a couple of examples of different materials and its value:

  • PET (bottles of water or soft drinks) - 5 points;
  • HDPE (liquid yoghurt, shampoo bottles) - 3 points;
  • Tetrapack (juice or milk packets) - 3 points;
  • Steel and aluminium (cooling cans) - 3 points; and
  • Glass bottles (water, juice, wine) - 2 points.

Afterward, the points can be exchanged at the market reception for discount coupons in purchases in the market shops, at the movie theatre Garrett and at entrance to Varzim Lazer (Varzim Carnival).

The ratio between the points achieved and the benefits is as follows:

  • 100 points - € 1 discount on purchases in the Municipal Market, in the participating establishments, in a purchase with a minimum value of € 5);
  • 200 points - 1 movie ticket at the Movie-Theatre Garrett; and
  • 300 points - 1 entrance at Varzim Lazer.

Here is another great way to value your waste, while protecting the environment.

See the opening photo gallery

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