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16 of July of 2019

The Green Waste Selective Collection project is out there… be a part of it

The implementation of the Green Waste Selective Collection Service allowed, this semester, the collection and organic recovery of more than 10,000 tons of green waste, which translates into a significant deviation of this type of waste from the mixed fraction and corresponds to a growth of 5% comparing with last year.

Between January and June, not only the green waste selective collection circuits in the associated municipalities of Lipor were reinforced, as well as community-directed communication and awareness campaigns were developed.

This is one of the main objectives of this new free collection service: to value and integrate into the Circular Economy all the urban waste fractions that are being misplaced and wasted.

Through the collaboration of the citizens who separated the cuts and scraps of their gardens, the green waste arrived at Lipor and can follow a new life. After being received, they are weighed and accounted for their positive impact, and subsequently sent to the Composting Plant.

At this Plant they are transformed into an organic compost with a very high quality - NUTRIMAIS, which will allow the increase of the natural fertility of the soil where it will be used.

Only with the participation of everyone in this initiative we can take advantage of this raw material and, consequently, reduce extractions directly from nature. Everyone should collaborate on this initiative and do not dispose green waste in the mixed waste container.

It’s always time to change our attitude!

Learn more about the project at:

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