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11 of July of 2019

Vila do Conde Municipality promotes 2nd phase of Recycling and Organic Waste Collection Campaign in the Non-Residential Sector

Last July 8th, in Vila do Conde, the second phase of this Campaign started with actions of proximity to raise awareness and deliver collection equipment to project adherents.

The Lipor project and its eight associated Municipalities "Here We Separate with our Heart” aims, on one hand, to make those responsible for these establishments aware of the importance of the correct separation of the waste they produce and, on the other, to promote and create conditions for them to be able to do so, in an easy and appropriate way.

The non-residential sector, consisting of restaurants, hotels, cafes, shops and services, is responsible for the production of around 40% of the national recyclable waste, so it is essential to give the appropriate destination for this waste.

The Campaign's target audience is the Non-Residential Sector (restaurants, hotels, cafes, shops and services) and in this second phase will cover more than 250 establishments in Vila do Conde.

The main objective is to raise awareness for the selective separation of organic and multi-material waste.

This Campaign is part of a set of initiatives promoted by Lipor and its associated Municipalities, in order to achieve the goals established for Lipor waste management system and, consequently, increase the quantities of packaging and organic waste collected and sent for recycling.

In addition to the initiatives developed on the ground, where a more direct and personalized contact is possible, the Campaign was designed to have some communication elements, made available to the adherents so that they can also show and share with their clients the good practices under way, regarding waste separation.

There is also a micro-website where everyone can follow the Campaign and the initiatives developed in the various municipalities.

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