Festivities and Celebrations collection

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LIPOR and its Associated Municipalities are promoting the project "Recolha Seletiva em Festas e Romarias” (selective collection in Festivities and Celebrations) in favour of Socials Causes.

What is the purpose of the "Recolha Seletiva em Festas e Romarias” project?

This project is the answer to the need of increasing the quantities of materials sent to recycling, promoting the sustainable management of multimaterial waste in niches characterised for an high production of waste.

In this way, LIPOR and associated municipalities focused their action in Public Events such as: pilgrimages, carnivals, festivities and academic, cultural and sports events due to the huge number of citizens in these festivities.

But LIPOR knows that the citizens aren’t the unique producers of waste in these celebrations. Therefore, the project strategy is directed to:


After the success of 2017 and 2018 this initiative has already guaranteed its continuity throughout 2019, involving the eight Associated Municipalities of LIPOR. In fact, the recyclable quantities collected increased and with the collaboration of citizens and merchants the values of donation to Social Causes are improving too. 

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