Metro Quadrado (Square Meter), Native Forest Tree Maintenance Program

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Created in 2015, under LIPOR's Biodiversity Strategy, the Metro Quadrado (Square Meter) - Native Forest Tree Maintenance Program is a program to adopt native forest areas in the process of ecological rehabilitation, guaranteeing a set of operations that ensure the maintenance of these areas in the first 4 years after the first intervention, knowing that these first years are particularly critical. This project aims to promote the survival rate of the trees planted.
This management and rehabilitation of forest areas, in addition to promoting biodiversity, enhances ecosystem services, adaptation to climate change, landscape improvments, well-being of inhabitants and reduction of forest fire risk.

The Metro Quadrado Program integrates a set of operations that ensure maintenance, whose activities include, among others, marking and protection of trees, weed cleaning, boiler repair, control of invasive plants, replacement of missing trees, prunings and monitoring.

In this second year of work, the main operations carried out were sowing and heaping, weed cutting, identification of empty areas, control of invasive plants and monitoring of plant development.
Although it was a difficult year due to the risks to plants and their survival, such as forest fires, altered climatic conditions of each season, invasive plant expansion and some vandalism the results are encouraging, as you can see in the infographics below.
We expect to keep the good results on the years to come and expect to achieve a high survival rate of native trees (about 500 native trees / hectare), as well as expanding the area of ​​forest maintained within the scope of the Metro Quadrado Program, being already foreseen about 10 ha in the Serras do Porto.

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