Rio Tinto Project

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The approach to Rio Tinto assumes an important role in LIPOR’s strategy for Biodiversity and Social Responsibility.
Rio Tinto arises in Ermesinde, Municipality of Valongo, being a small affluent of the Douro river.  Rio Tinto has a watershed’s area of approximately 23.5 km2, covering the Municipalities of Valongo, Gondomar, Maia and Porto, and the watercourse is about 12 km long.
In LIPOR´s area, Rio Tinto has a reduce expression; however the Organization considers that its involvement must be total.
This project aims to define a joint plan action, where is included the register of contamination areas, monitor the evolution of water quality, allow the support of a scientific and technical point of view, identify the interventions necessary for recovery river, and define the sustainable future uses.
To this purpose, a Monitoring Program for Evaluation of Water Quality and Sediments from Rio Tinto is in progress, in order to contribute to the identification of the causes of degradation of water quality. 
This project has as partners the Municipalities of Valongo, Maia, Gondomar, Porto, Águas de Gondomar, SA, Águas do Porto, Fernando Pessoa University and the Portuguese Environment Agency, IP / Administration Hydrographic Region North, Águas de Valongo, the Parish of Rio Tinto, Ermesinde, Águas Santas, Baguim do Monte e Campanhã, and Águas de Valongo, SA.
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