LIPOR and Biodiversity

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LIPOR has always guided its actions based on the principles of sustainability, reflecting the development of numerous projects of social responsibility, sustainability and environmental education. As such, it raises concerns inherent to the protection and enhancement of biodiversity by developing various projects supporting the subject in focus.

In the past decade of 90, the main concerns were around the sealing and restoration of environmental liabilities, and therefore the partial recovery of the waste disposal, through its modelling and constitution sealing layer, as well as the creation of leachate drainage systems , biogas and vegetable coating in order to stabilize the site. This project was accompanied by the expansion of the landfill, and new areas to explore with environmental protection infrastructures, both at the level of the background proofing, as leachate drainage systems and biogas.

Currently, a biodiversity policy that benefits clearly sustainable management of resources and natural capital, complement each other well through the dissemination of comprehensive information and training in waste prevention and in promoting more sustainable consumption practices. Concerning to the several projects that have ongoing, there has been the assignment of numerous recognitions, including the Award "BES Biodiversity” to the Adventure Park, Honorable mention for Green Project Awards to the project "Horta à Porta” and the assignment of high-potential Initiative of Social Entrepreneurship to Project "Terra à Terra”.

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