Bees contribute to the dynamic balance of the biodiversity of the LIPOR Adventure Park

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As part of its Biodiversity Strategy, Lipor continues to work on several areas to promote biodiversity and raise awareness among citizens and all those who visit our facilities.

The Green Areas Team took another step in the construction of a dynamic and biodiverse Adventure Park with the installation of beehives.

As we all know, bees are essential for life on Earth and a very important base for the balance of ecosystems, ensuring the pollination of many species.

Indeed, in the pursuit of pollen, their food, these insects pollinate plantations of fruits, vegetables and grains, ensuring their reproduction. This pollination is essential, since about 80% of plants reproduce this way, thus ensuring the continuity and balance of ecosystems.

Thinking of increasing biodiversity and maintaining our green area sustainable, we installed ten beehives in the Lipor Adventure Park, on the hillside, in an area where they do not disturb or are disturbed by visitors.

This installation resulted of a brainstorming session with Lipor's employees, in which they were challenged to find ways of "giving more color and life to green areas".

Learn more about Lipor's Biodiversity Strategy here!

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