Lipor adapts its Green Areas to the effects of climate change

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Within the scope of LIPOR's Biodiversity strategy, green areas have been reformulated to promote the increase of flora and fauna in the facilities and their surroundings and improve the comfort of space users, visitors and workers.

Since December 2018 a climate-friendly, productive and agroforestry garden has been created in the surroundings of the Sorting Plant. After 10 months the main project indicators described here were reached.

LIPOR will begin, in October, the reformulation of the exterior space in the surroundings of the Administrative Building as it is a lawn without utility, with high maintenance costs and without value or ecological function. The intervention will consist of creating distinct areas namely reception, leisure, rest and framing of the building giving rise to a Municipal Garden, a Tree Garden, a Productive Garden and a Formal Garden. The planting of native species is intended to reduce maintenance costs, reduce approximately 2 ° C in the building envelope and create zones to reduce the impact of wind in space.

From emptiness to reference, more than a mere entrance space, a space representative of LIPOR's mission, its commitment to sustainability.

A space that is now aligned with LIPOR's operating ethics.

Qualify and dignify these areas is our goal!

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