AA1000APS (2008) standard

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Adherence to the AA1000APS (2008) Standard implies that the LIPOR gets Stakeholders involved in the identification, perception and ability to respond to the most important issues and concerns regarding Sustainability, showing that this involvement is a basic part of its Strategy and of the way it runs its business.

In order to reinforce adherence to the principles of AA1000APS (2008), LIPOR makes constant efforts to ensure an open, transparent relationship based on trust with the several Stakeholders. 
Only such beneficial relationships and the involvement with all Stakeholders will allow LIPOR to be aware of the existing problems, provide an even better service, promote and implement successful projects that meet the expectations of those who work together with LIPOR and of the people it serves on a daily basis.
This involvement with the Stakeholders is continuous and is integrated in the functional processes of the organisation.

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