Identification of Stakeholders

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Stakeholders are "those individuals, groups of individuals or organisations that affect and/or could be affected by an organisation’s activities, products or services and by the associated performance”.

LIPOR considers mutual and collaborative commitment with and among Stakeholders to be a fundamental element. We believe that Stakeholder engagement in LIPOR’s strategies and commitments is essential to our Success, ensuring a sustainable development of our business, from a shared value creation perspective.

The Stakeholder update carried out in 2018 resulted in the following identification:


In a Materiality process, there’s an identification and prioritisation of the most relevant aspects on an environmental, social and economic level, both from the Stakeholders’ and the Organisation’s perspective.

In order to fulfil this purpose, we’ve carried out the following activities in 2018, which will take place again in 2020, due to their biennial nature:


After identifying our Stakeholders, we’ve mapped them according to "dependence” and "influence” criteria in relation to the Organisation, producing the following Matrix: 

Waste Disposal Sites
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