Principles of the AA1000 Standard (2008)

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This standard establishes PRINCIPLES that make it possible for LIPOR to commit itself to Sustainability, by integrating and structuring the way it interprets, manages, implements, assesses and communicates its performance and accounts.
The three principles of the AA1000APS (2008) Standard that LIPOR fulfils, in general, and which help it improve its sustainable performance are the following:

  • Inclusivity: LIPOR must include and promote the participation of Stakeholders in the development and implementation of a strategic and responsible response towards Sustainability.
  • Materiality: LIPOR must identify materially relevant issues for the Organisation and respective Stakeholders.
  • Responsiveness: LIPOR must address the issues raised by the Stakeholders and those that affect its sustainable development through decisions, actions and performance, as well as communication with the Stakeholders

The communication strategy adopted by LIPOR is embodied in the mapping of Stakeholder Communication and Engagement Mechanisms, associated with their main cause and respective impact  (102-43):

Stakeholder Communication and Engagement Mechanisms:


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