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There are clear scientific evidence that the climate is changing. Reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reaffirmed these evidences and identified the anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gas (GHG) as the decisive factor for global warming, since 1750. Even reducing GHG emissions now, Climate Change and its effects will be continued for decades.

Therefore it is no surprise that ADAPTATION starts to be seen as an urgent measure that countries and companies need to start thinking seriously about.

Our Commitment

Lipor believes that the Climate Change issues should be integrated in its sustainable development strategy. The implementation of LIPOR 3M strategy - less waste, less carbon, more climate is our commitment to action. This strategy is based on four areas:

Area 1: To know and disseminate LIPOR’s emission profile and assess the potential of emission reduction;

Area 2: Reduce its own emissions and offsetting unavoidable emissions from its vehicles;

Area 3: Motivating citizens and business partners to reduce carbon emissions;

Area 4: Cooperate to promote best practices, innovation and knowledge.

Aligned with our strategic goals and at the same time contributing to the climate policy objectives at European, national and regional levels, LIPOR assumes to reduce its emissions – considering 2006 as the reference year - in:

2016-16%340 kg CO2e/inhab.year
2020-20%324 kg CO2e/inhab.year



The experience, credibility and position of LIPOR in the Waste Management field in Portugal, leads it to include in its strategy the issue of ADAPTATION to Climate Change, contributing to the design of sectorial (WasteAdapt) and regional (NorteAdapt) adaptation strategies.
 Lipor's Commitment

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