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Compared to 2006 (year of reference for 3M Strategy goals) LIPOR recorded a decrease in emissions, achieving a reduction of 19.7% in 2018, exceeding the set target of 16%.

Emission analysis by scope:

Values in t CO2e
Reference Year
Scope 1 – Direct Emissions 401 011329.697322,497321.460-19,8%
Scope 2 – Indirect Emissions (Electricity) 1 7492.8371,8321.8686,8%
Scope 3 – Other Indirect Emissions 47145194216357,4%
Total of direct and indirect GHG emissions from LIPOR 402 806331.679324,524323.544-19,7%

Scope 1 - Direct Emissions account for 99.3% of Lipor’s GHG emissions, mainly due to Waste to Energy Plant and Landfilling.

Values in t CO2e

Ano de referência

2016201720182017 - 2018
Scope 1 - Direct Emissions401 011328.697322.497321.460-0,3%
MSW Treatment399 635327.520321.292320.377-0,3%
Landfill191 464108.925103.72897.549-6,0%
Composting4 3937.5897.2647.7556,8%
Waste to Energy203 778211.007210.300215.0742,3%
Fuel consumption (at facilities)805588586456-22,3%
Transport and mobility5705536196271,3%


Regarding Scope 2 – Indirect Emissions (Electricity) the results followed the tendency of 2017, as we can check in the next table.

Values in t CO2e
Reference Year (2006)
2016201720182017 - 2018
Scope 2 - Indirect Emissions (Electricity)1.7492.8371.8321.8681,9%
Composting Plant (CVO)1.1172.3351.6631.7385%
Waste to Energy Plant (CVE)0,005400-100%
Landfill (CT)0,00221170130-23%
Lipor (Baguim do Monte)40122700


Regarding Ambit 3 Emissions, we assist to a small increase, mainly due to the increase in slag and scrap transportation.

Values in t CO2e
Reference Year (2006)
2016201720182017 - 2018
Scope 3 – other indirect emissions4714519421611,1%
Business trips475237370,4%
Third-party Vehicle Fleet (Slag & Scrap Transportation)n.d9315717913,6%

The Scope 3 already accounts almost the total emissions at Lipor by the extension of the categories accounted (because of the application of the GHG Protocol Value Chain Standard). As we can see in the table, the category with more weight is C.10 - Intermediate Products Processing linked to the Multimaterial Recycling process.

In 2018 Lipor GHG Inventory already reflects and accounts almost all the emissions of its Value Chain.
All these activities were not considered when reduction targets were set in LIPOR 3M Strategy - less waste, less carbon, more climate, therefore all these emissions are not considered when verifying compliance with the 3M Goals.

Sum up and balance of Lipor GHG emissions:

Extension of Scope 3 – Other Indirect Emissions

A full account of LIPOR Value Chain emissions is a complex process that requires a considerable effort gathering information. The GHG Protocol Value Chain Standard itself recommends that organisations adopt a step-by-step approach to the expansion of the Scope 3 inventory, clearly identifying the goals they want to reach.

LIPOR started in 2013 to expand its inventory of Scope 3 according to the guidelines of the GHG Protocol - Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Accounting and Reporting Standard. The activities to develop each year meet the priorities set for the accounting and reporting of the relevant emissions for LIPOR’s activity.

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