Photovoltaic Plant

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Since the start of operation, in June 2013, the plant produced, until June 2018, about 1717 MWh, corresponding to approximately 807 t  of avoided CO2e emissions (emissions calculated according to Portuguese Notice No. 17313/ 2008).

Within the framework of the commemoration of 30 years of existence, Lipor has developed a significant number of works and investments with a strong impact on the well-being of the surrounds community. We have a sustainability policy that supports a process of continuous improvement and innovation, preserving natural resources and of future generations.

In this field, soon Lipor realized that after the recovery of the old Landfill of Ermesinde and the conversion of the space for leisure to use by the community, could also enhance this space, maximizing their use of renewable energies. We have, effectively, a privileged space to enhance these technologies.

For the last 5 years that we take advantage of biogas generated in the landfill, to convert into electrical energy that we export to the national power grid. In 2012 we started a new project on renewable energies in Ermesinde.

This project comprises a international B2B trading platform based on photovoltaic technology, which maximizes the utilization of solar energy for the decentralized production of electricity.
The photovoltaic international B2B trading platform, through the production of electricity, ensuring the financial sustainability of the system and the contribution to the goals set out in the NES (National Energy Strategy) 2020. The estimate made, points to a value of CO2 emissions avoided in the order of 174 tons of CO2 equivalent per year.

This is a project in which Lipor claims to be a benchmark of good and best practices in the region and in the country. We believe that this could be an initiative that will engage other companies and sectors to think and act the same way, improving their energy efficiency and becoming more competitive in this area. In parallel we are outlining a strategy to inform and sensitize the surrounding community through communication and environmental education actions to be developed in our facilities.

First performed by appropriate software, and based on assumptions of so-called "ideal" conditions, the estimated annual production is about 372 MWh. This annual energy produced is equal to the total power consumption of about 100 dwellings. It's a platform comprised of 1200 PV panels with a unitary power of 230 Wp. The power of connection to the Electric Network of public service (RESP) is 250 kW and the total installed power is 265 kW.

The total area of occupancy is about 4800 m2. As we know, we are the first company in the waste sector in Portugal with an installed capacity of this dimension. We are aware of other Photovoltaic projects but with a smaller scale.

The deployment of infrastructure began in mid-November of 2012 and ended in May 2013. The total projected Investment was approximately € 500,000. It is a partnership project with a reference company in the renewable energy sector, a system of shared responsibility contract and synergies that represent positive increments for both parties. The whole project is the responsibility of Selfenergy, however, Lipor takes on coordination and monitoring functions of the system implemented.
Since the beginning of the operation the plant exported to the network 1568 MWh, contributing to the sustainability of Lipor facilities.

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