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Sustainable Consumption Indispensable!!

In a quick analysis of the world, we come to the conclusion that we are in a situation of imbalance, given the current trends of an increasing consumption, high population growth and high population concentration in megacities, combined with a significant decrease in natural and basic resources.
This scenario is not very promising, as it jeopardises the success and survival of the next generations and the future of the planet. Bearing in mind that the available resources are limited, it is urgent to raise awareness of the need for a more sustainable consumption of those resources, so that we can guarantee they are available for future generations.
The Consumption Cycle analysis consists of assessing the environmental impact of products, whether positive or negative, throughout all phases of their life cycle, from the raw materials/natural resources extraction, production, transport, use to their final destination.

It should be viewed as an environmental management instrument that allows companies/organisations to understand the environmental effects of the materials, processes and products and use that information in order to develop new products and new investigation and development areas.

 Sustainable Consumption

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